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Documentation of Union Efforts to Work with Management on Fluoride Issues

New Post: December 23, 2018. Links to 11 documents have been added on the Fluoride page of the website that show how the union attempted to work “within the family” on the question of applying principles of scientific integrity to regulation of hazards of fluoride in drinking water. Members of the union began in 1985 to […]


Fluoridation with a Hazardous Waste Among the first things that became apparent when we began looking at fluoride was that the source of most of the fluoride going into drinking water was a hazardous waste (as defined in the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act)  product of the phosphate industry. In producing phosphate fertilizers an early step […]

Comparison of HFSA and NaF as fluoridating agents

Hirzy was principal author in 2013 of a paper titled “Comparison of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pharmaceutical sodium fluoride,” published in Environmental Science and Policy 29 (2013) 81-86. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2013.01.007, which required a correction that is discussed below. The correction is in Environmental Science and Policy 38 (2014) 282-284. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2013.11.002. The basic error in the first paper arose from not […]

Summary History Through 1999

Dr. Robert J. Carton and I, John William (Bill) Hirzy, charter members and former presidents of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters professional employees’ labor union, decided in 2017 to create this website. We did this so that future EPA employees and, indeed, any employees of the U. S. federal government, as well as […]


New Post November 24, 2021 Comments of J. W. Hirzy on EPA Strategic Goal 1 re: Scientific Integrity.  Click the link.      https://epaunionhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/JWH-Comments-on-stategic-plan.pdf New Post September 11, 2019 (An Opinion) Employees at the National Weather Service, in responding to Alabama citizens concerned about a goofy prediction by Upper Management of a pending appearance of Hurricane […]

EPA Attempts to Bust the Union

EPA Attempts to Bust the Union https://epaunionhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/We-Lost-Our-Fear.pdf In 1987 Charles Grizzle became Assistant Administrator for Administration and Resources Management. October of that year saw the first installation of toxic carpet, with all the consequences of that action, including the union’s attempts to protect the public as well as EPA employees from that hazard. The union had been […]

Professional Ethics/Scientific Integrity

Bill Coniglio on Good Science at EPA Bill Coniglio was a Plank Holder employee at EPA, the leader of the drive to organize the professional bargaining unit labor union, the union’s first president and chief ethical guide through out his tenure at the Agency. He was asked by Bob Carton, another EPA Plank Holder, for […]

NFFE/NTEU Newsletters

On this page, inside each of the newsletters, the reader will find the richest source of details about the founding and day-to-day operation of a federal sector labor union created and led by employees dedicated to its agency’s mission and its bargaining unit members interests. During its organizing phase, the political environment in the U.S. […]

Why We Organized

WHY WE ORGANIZED This Page contains information and uploaded documents that explain why EPA professionals decided to form a labor union after the election of Ronald Reagan as President and his appointment of an administration of people whose philosophy and published opinions were antithetical to the mission of the Agency. Indeed many of the highest […]

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