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The website is  a work-in-progress as of July 2017. To access the Main Pages and SubPages on this site – so far – use the search box at the right on the Home Page. These pages currently are Why We Organized, Posts, Contact Us, Key Issues (with subpages on Professional Ethics/Scientific Integrity, Fluoride Toxicity, Toxic Carpet – with SubSubPages) and NFFE/NTEU Newsletters.

The Newsletters Page provides an especially rich historical picture of the union’s activities and events happening within EPA and across the federal government during these times. In particular, specific happenings around Key Issues are presented in great detail in the newsletters issues.

Drs. Robert J. Carton and J. William Hirzy are the proprietors of this website. They are charter members – two of the eight in that category – of the EPA HQ professionals’ union, originally Local 2050 of the National Federation of Federal Employees. In the text below that relates a brief history of the union – up to 1999 – one can find a complete list of officers who ever served.

Drs. Carton and Hirzy were especially moved to create this site because the current staff at EPA is now (February 2017) faced with similar challenges, but far more ominous, than the staff faced in 1981. By making available documents and commentary that show how EPA professionals reacted facing the advent of the Reagan/Gorsuch administration, they hope to inform and inspire current staff in ways to survive with their honor – and jobs –  as dedicated members of the Civil Service intact.

They also want to make available to other working people, students, Congress and the general public the story of how members of the Civil Service organized and fought for their rights and for the public interest, starting in difficult times.