Posted August 1, 2018 – This is particularly significant in so far as President Trump having signed Executive Orders attempting essentially to destroy federal sector labor union effectiveness by severely limiting official time (no union officer could spend more than 25% of her/his time on union activities, unions would have to do their representational work off-site from their normal work stations, etc. These E.O.’s are under challenge by national unions representing federal employees.

A new subpage to “EPA Attempts to Bust the Union” contains considerable documentation of how NFFE Local 2050 won four full time positions for its officers and, by establishing the precedent, five full time positions for its sister union at EPA HQ, AFGE Local 3331.

Support from the public and Congress was key in this victory, with the public support stemming from NFFE Local 2050 aggressively defending good science and its bargaining unit’s members’ right to safe, healthful working conditions and spreading the word to the public about these activities upon request.

Lesson learned??